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Item # LSCIR-01, Tubing & Tubes - Lock Seam - Round

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Lockseam Tubing is Formed From All Types of Metals Either Plain or Prepainted, Galvanized, Prepolished, Prelaminated Vinyl, Preanodized, Preplated, Pre-Embossed, Aluminized, Galvannealled, Strippable- PVC Covered.

    Inline Press Fabrications of: Holes, Slots, Notching, Tabs, Shear Forms, End Fabricating, Cut to Length, Pointing & Staking, Roll Edged Ends, Flattened Ends, and more.
  • Secondary Fabricating: End Fabricating, Roll Edge Ends, Bent and Flattened Ends, Cuttouts, and more.
  • Telescoping Sets Available for Lock Seam Tubes
  • Lock Seams are Tight and will not break open when bent, or flattened, or twisted.
  • Other Custom Special Shapes are possible, along with Finned or Flanged Seams.
  • Strippable PVC Protection can be added to lock seam tubes for Protecting Decorative Finishes.
  • Double Sided Adhesive Tape and Other Materials can be Applied Inline during forming.
  • Can be economical with Thin Wall, with Prefinishing and/or Inline Fabricating.
  • Thicker Wall Thicknesses can be provided with Special Tooling required. Ends of lock seam tubes can be Clean Cut, Dimple Free, using Inline Prenotching Tooling. Not Air or Water Pressure Holding, Collapses when Bent Steel Should be Prefinished. Raw Finished Steel is not as economical to Lock Seam Tubes



Dies are available for most sizes. Tooling for other diameters, special sizes, etc., can be done quickly and inexpensively in our plant. Inline and Secondary Fabrications such as: Telescoping, Dedimpling, Hole Punching, End Fabricating and Swaging are also available. Special Square, Rectangular, Round, Hex, Oval and other variations are also available. There are also special Gap openings and thicknesses available at little or no extra tooling cost. The following metals can be plain or prepainted, prelaminated, preanodized, preplated, pre-embossed, prepolished, prelaquered, strippable pvc covered, pregalvanized, etc. : Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Alloys, Clad and more. We can fully telescope all round tubing and special sizes in Oval, Hex, Square and Rectangular tubing are also available. Outside Dimensions Offered: 1/2', 5/8', 3/4', .860', 7/8', 29/32', 15/16', .985', 1', 1.225', 1 1/4', 1.280', 1.430', 1.465', 1 1/2', and more.


Standard Sizes Chart - Lock Seam Tubing
(PDF, 27KB)

We're looking forward to fulfilling all of your custom roll forming needs.
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