Unit of Measure



N/A Our Standard width of the B. dimension below is 1.250" I.D.. Standard legs or return dimensions on these 1.250" wide parts are .150". Standard material thicknesses for the standard 1.250" width are .024", .030" and .036" thicknesses. This raw material is kept on our floor and our tooling is always setup to provide quick manufacturing and delivery for your order in Cold Rolled Steel-CQ. Deliveries can be 1 to 2 weeks or less on these standard parts. Our quality is renowned in the industry and our prices are rarely beaten. Samples are readily available. Accurate Lengths can be cut inline from 2.875" long to over 20 feet long. Parts can be made with and without weld beads. There are many different end corner protecting radii that can be chosen from or a square end cut may be given without corner radii. We also have tooling and equipment for custom sizes of widths, returns, weld beads, end corner radii, thicknesses, quantity of weld beads and more. This equipment can provide up to a 10" wide part but over 3" width is rare. Thicknesses can be from .012" through .060" thick. Tooling charges are rare even on custom sizes and, if necessary, only a small partial tooling modification charge is required. Besides Cold Rolled Steel-CQ, Johnson Bros. also produces Cold Rolled Steel in a bright finish for plating or in all grades, alloys and finishes of Stainlees, Aluminum, Galvanized, Brass, Bronze, Embossed, Perforated, Clad, and other grades of metal. Prefinished material s are also used such as: PrePainted, Pre-Plated, Galvanized, PreAnodized, PrePolished, PreLaquered, Strippable PVC Coating, Aluminized, Galvanneal, Galvalume and more. Snap-On Covers can be made for these parts for other uses such as wireways and more.