Materials used for Open Seam Tubing: Unfinished and Prefinished Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, Alloys Copper, Bronze, Tempered, Clad, Perforated, Wire Cloth, Expanded, Textured.

Prefinishes: Prepainted, Galvanized, Preplated, Prepolished, Prelacquered, Pre-Embossed Preanodized, Aluminized, Galvannealled, Strippable PVC Coated, Prelaminated Vinyl.

  • Inline Press Fabrications: Cut to Length, Holes, Slots, Cuttouts, End Fabricating, Shear Forms, etc
  • Open Seam Tubing Gaps not shown can also be povided, as well as Different Thicknesses and O.D.'s
  • Other Custom Special Shaped Open Seam Tubing is possible, along with Finned, Flanged and Hemmed Seams
  • Telescoping Sizes are possible for Open Seam Tubing
  • Insertions and Tape Applications can be done Inline
  • Strippable-PVC Coating can be Included for Protecting Decorative Finishes
Unit of Measure



N/A Dies are available for many sizes. Complete tooling for other diameters, special sizes, etc., can be done quickly and inexpensively in our plant. Slight die modifications may be all thats needed rather than entire die sets for different diameters and/or thicknesses available with standard tooled round sizes. Inline Fabrications such as: Telescoping, Hole Punching, End Fabricating and Swaging are also available. Special Square, Rectangular, Round, Hex, Oval and other variations are also available. Special sized Gap openings and different thicknesses are available at little or no extra tooling cost. The following metals can be plain or prepainted, prelaminated, preanodized, preplated, pre-embossed, prepolished, prelaquered, strippable pvc covered, pregalvanized, etc. : Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Alloys, Clad and more. We can fully telescope all round and special sizes in Oval, Hex, Square and Rectangular Open Seam tubing.